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AegisTac Tactical BBQ Apron


About AegisTac LOGO
The aegis as stated in the Iliad, is carried by Athena and Zeus, from Ancient Greek.
It means doing something under the protection of a powerful, knowledgeable, or benevolent source. The word aegis is identified with protection by a strong force with its roots.
Here we call it “Self-Defence”


Tac & Tactical
AegisTac provide Tactical & Military level quality gear to our users.
The wings of pigeon stands for peaceful.
AegisTac love the peaceful of this world, meanwhile we need self-defence as essential part of our adventure. So stay safe and enjoy your adventure.


AegisTac Slogan “Choose Your Own Adventure”
The Slogan primary comes from the series Book, named “Choose Your Own Adventure”.
Everyone has his/her own right to choose the way alive. So whether you are willing to change another way from present life or you would like to discover your adventure as always.
Let’s make the change – “Choose Your Own Adventure”.

AegisTac Tactical BBQ Apron

  • This tactical apron is different from the other home apron, designed for outdoor activity enthusiasts, set several pockets and Molle webbing, can put into necessities when working
  • Waterproof, durable, wear-resistant, fashion appearance, multi-function pocket
  • Uses waterproof, wear-resistant 1000D nylon material, quite lightweight, suitable for using in outdoor and harsh environment. Velcro extension area, can DIY some of your favorite Velcro. Also this area is using MOLLE system, can paste some small bag on it to carry phone. Multi-pocket small compartment design, wrenches, plier, flashlight, etc, can be put into the apron in order.
  • BBQ party, Camping, Hiking, cycling, working, outdoor activities, etc


Tactical Apron Military BBQ Apron
Size: 66cm x 47cm
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